Overwhelmed by Thankfulness

It’s been a difficult school year.  Being a teacher was never for the faint of heart.  Now it’s for the just plain crazy, or the definitely called.  Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure which is true of me.  In any case, I don’t want to write about school tonight.  I just want to be thankful.

Our youngest son got married in October.  HIs wedding was a bright, bright spot in my year.  The weather was gorgeous, the setting, decorations, and festivities were lovely, everyone looked beautiful and handsome. As I looked through the wedding pictures when I saw them for the first time last weekend, though, I was struck more than anything by the goodness of God.  He is faithful.  I scrolled through the pictures taken by my oldest daughter’s college bestie and let the tears flow.  God is good.


First, I’m thankful for my new daughter-in-law.  It’s so much fun to meet the person you have been praying for since you knew your child was on the way.  She’s perfect for my baby boy.  I’m blessed.


I’m also thankful for the way and the place where they met.  They both served as interns at a church in Greenville, S.C.  There they were surrounded by people who spoke grace and truth into their lives.  They couldn’t have gotten a better start.


Another thing I thought about as I scrolled through the pictures was how many wonderful friends God has sent into my son’s life.  First, there’s his big brother who prayed night after night, ” Please let Mama’s baby be a boy.”  My boys are six years apart, but they are close and I am thankful.


Then there are all of his high school friends, boys I taught and watched play basketball.  Some of them have been his buddies since third grade, others joined the group later, but they are all special to me and I am overwhelmed by God’s blessing.  He met more great guys in college, and they with one of his brothers-in-law rounded out his group of crazy groomsmen.  They’re rather handsome, too.


One of them even walked me down the aisle and back!


I’m so glad there’s a picture of these men praying over my son just before the wedding.  While I was up in the balcony of the church, they were praying over my boy. It doesn’t really get any better than that.


At the reception we laughed, ate barbecue, and danced, because that’s what Southerners do at weddings, and we managed to get a picture of the whole group of Caldwell kids that were there.  I don’t want to write about teaching tonight, but I do want to remind myself, that teaching, while difficult, has some pretty awesome blessings.  These are ALL my kids.  I love every one.  Teaching gave me that.  I am thankful and blessed.



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2 Responses to Overwhelmed by Thankfulness

  1. Dorothy Clement says:

    What a happy post! Isn’t it good to see and remember His Faithfulness!


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