500 Days of Running

Today is the 500th day of my running streak.  I celebrated by running 6.5 miles on the greenway.  Honestly, it does not seem possible.  I don’t think I’ve ever done anything besides breathe and blink and have a heart beat for 500 days in a row.  I am thankful.

The running streak has taught me how to run so that I don’t get injured.  It made my running  habitual.  It taught me to make room in my schedule for fitness no matter what.  It showed me that I’m tougher than I knew and that there is something to be said for mind over matter.  I like to be outside more than I have since childhood and stretching makes me happy.

My original fitbit is still going strong–it’s an amazing little machine.  I’ve gone through three and a half pairs of running shoes.  I’ve found all kinds of interesting places to run but I like my local four mile section the best.

So, what’s next?  I am registered for a half-marathon on May 15.  I find it hard to stop staring in wonder at that sentence.  I’m WHAT????  Last Sunday afternoon I did an eleven mile training run.  I’m still in the process of transitioning back outside for the majority of my runs.  I’ve learned to take this slowly.  I ran the eleven miles on a paved path that runs beside, over, and between a couple of lakes.  Most of it is fairly flat.  I still felt like I was going to die from about mile nine and half on and the whole thing took me two hours and fifteen minutes.  I had been hoping to finish the half-marathon in 2 and a half hours.  I have decided that I will be satisfied with finishing, but I’m going to aim for two hours and 45 minutes.  You’ve gotta start somewhere. I do think I will be able to do better early in the day.  I need to make sure I am hydrated and I need to look into what to eat on the morning of the race.  I’m allergic to bananas, so that could be a problem.  I’m hoping for a cool and maybe even slightly overcast day.  May weather is a bit unpredictable in North Carolina.

I’m nervous, but pumped and determined.  God has been with me every step of this journey and I know He will not leave me alone now.  May is the month I discovered my cancer, so running this race nine years later is pretty cool.  I never imagined I would even consider trying.  God is good!

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