Weekend: RESET!

I’ve been doing pretty well with my resolution to pull my stick out of the mud.  This year is just two months old and I’ve been to Virginia and Georgia two time each!  In spite of the weather, I’ve run outside in some different places and I’ve enjoyed time with people I love.  This has been a “down” weekend, meaning we didn’t have anything unusual planned and I began to realize on Saturday morning just how much I needed it.

I’m an over-the-top introvert.  I need time to myself in order to re-charge.  This is something I am well-aware of, but I don’t think I’ve noticed before that while I am recharging emotionally, I’m also resetting practically.  Teaching is a profession that takes a lot out of an introvert.  Every teacher feels the physical drain of teaching.  That’s one of the reasons I started running.  The emotional, mental, and spiritual exhaustion adds a whole other layer for an introvert.  On top of that, life is busy and chores that can’t be dealt with during the week pile up at home.  I think this is a problem for most working women.

My last few weekends have been full.  They’ve been full of joy and fun and good and important times.  I’ve also had a good number of evening events in the last few weeks.  As a result, the last few days of this week were harder than usual.  I found myself in a sort of fog.  I kept forgetting things I usually have no problem remembering.  Putting a coherent thought together became difficult and sometimes even if I managed to construct the thought I found it was a struggle to express it.  This is a problem when you are trying to teach.

I came home Friday afternoon and went for a run outside. I hadn’t been able to get outside since Monday.  It was cold and windy.  I did some hill repeats and when I was finished my brain felt a little less fogged.  My husband and I went grocery shopping in the evening.  Our pantry was bare after two weeks of neglect, so it felt good to “bring home the bacon.” I put a load of laundry in the washer, went to bed and slept well.

Saturday morning my kitchen was full of warmth and sunshine.  I had breakfast and started the clean-up operation.  There was mail to go through–catalogues and advertisements that have arrived and been set aside.  The towel that I keep on “Margie’s chair” in the kitchen needed to be changed and the dog food bin refilled.  The drawer in my fridge where I keep bottled water had to be replenished and the few pieces of dried-up fruit thrown away to make room for the fresh apples and oranges we bought on Friday. I dusted and decorated–I put out the Easter decorations a whole month early!!!


I vacuumed, straightened, washed, dried, folded and put away.  I changed sheets and fluffed pillows.

Throughout the morning I felt my thought processes calming, refiguring…resetting like a computer.  My house is small, so I was finished by noon.  I only needed a short run to meet my goal mileage for the week and I like to rest a bit the day before my long run, but I didn’t feel like stopping after two and a half miles, so I walked.  I walked an extra five miles or so and let my mind continue to reset.  I prayed and thought and wrestled through some things.  I found that not only had my thinking processes returned, but I was actually generating ideas again.

I want to continue to be adventurous.  I do not want to return to stuck-in-the-mudishness, but I am learning balance.  It’s pretty cool to still be learning as I near my sixties.  I need re-set weekends.  How about you?


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2 Responses to Weekend: RESET!

  1. Dorothy Clement says:

    As always, I enjoy reading your postings and catch up a bit on what’s new in your life! I miss rubbing shoulders with you so reading your blog gives me a touch of you. I can relate to the need for self-time. Even though I am not an introvert per say, I definitely have many needs of time alone and quiet to refuel. Balancing life and its demands will forever be my struggle. I thought of you last night as I watched 60 minutes. The restoration of Italy.

    Have a great day and love to you and your family!


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