Introducing Finn!

Last April, just before his college graduation, my son’s little red Honda Civic gave up the ghost.  It was sad.  I had a lot of prayer invested in that little car.  After graduation practice we went to the garage where it was parked to clean it out.  I confess to being just a little teary.  Eventually, I realized just what this loss would mean for me.  Matt had already applied for and been accepted to an internship program for this year.  He would need a car, but his financial situation would not be conducive to buying one.  I would need to let him use mine.

This car was the first one I have ever owned.  It came to me as a little unexpected miracle in a couple of years ago and I have loved my little green Honda Accord.  Never, ever have I taken it for granted. I appreciated the independence and flexibility it gave me, but I’m a mom.  I could do without a car.  Matt could not.  Boy gets car.

This means that my husband drops me off at work.  I managed to find the bright side of the situation.  It’s been nice to have a little time with George in the mornings.  Besides, there’s been a lot of construction work on the parking lot at school this year along with confusion and problems with parking.  Clearly, this was a good year not to have a car.

It’s harder to find the bright side of getting home.  George works later so I have had to spend quite a bit more time at school than I usually do.  Even this has not been terrible.  I’ve stayed up to date with my grading and preparation most of the year and that means I don’t have to bring much work home.  Also, I have a good friend who was often willing to take me home occasionally and I enjoyed some quiet time with her.  Still, there are days when I would like to go home and can’t. I especially like to leave a little early when it is nice weather and I think maybe I could get in a little walk or even a run in the fresh air.  Evening activities can also be a problem and our off days don’t always match up, so I do miss my car.

Imagine my delight, then, when my phone rang early last week as I was grading papers after school and my mother told me that she and my father had decided to buy me a car!  Not only were they buying me a car, they were buying me my current dream car.  I say current because for years I wanted a Mini Cooper.  I even bought myself a toy one on my first trip to Italy.  However, I’ve gotten more practical as I age and I when I found out how expensive used Minis (the only kind I would ever be able to buy) are to keep on the road, I began to change my mind.  I noted other small cars and though I’m not crazy about the alien green color of so many of them, I have come to love the KIA Soul.  My parents called from a KIA dealership.

Meet Finn:

Why Finn?  Isn’t it obvious?  With his pretty white paint, rounded nose, and black trim, he reminds me of a storm trooper.

Thankfully, the new Star Wars movie provided me with a good storm trooper.  Thus, Finn.  I’m excited about all of the adventures we will have together and I am very, very grateful!



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