Streak Update: 200 Days of Running

Today I reached the 200th day of my streak.  I’m almost halfway to my goal of 401 days of running at least a mile every day.  I began on Thanksgiving Day, 2014 and I will finish on New Years Day, 2016.  It’s been both easier and more difficult than I imagined.  Actually, I didn’t do a lot of imagining.  I just kind of jumped in.

In 200 days I have run about 650 miles.  My shortest days are just a mile, but I’ve only done that a few times.  My longest run so far is ten miles.  I’m averaging about 3.25 miles a day.  That’s a quarter of a mile down from my average during the first hundred days, but I have transitioned to running outside and that’s a lot more difficult.  The jolting of my joints and the heat and humidity are teaching me to pace myself, yet I’m getting stronger, too.  I can run hills much more easily than I used to be able to.  I’m also getting a little faster.  Most of my miles are under a twelve minute pace now and fairly often at least one of my miles is under eleven and closing in on ten.  Considering that I run/walk, that’s not bad.  I usually run two minutes and walk one, but I’m in the process of transitioning to three/one.  Sometimes, on the days I run short, I run an entire mile.

The transition from treadmill to outside was ROUGH.  I struggled with shin splints and some muscle pulls.  My feet gave me trouble, too, and I was worried about my hips for a while.  I went back and forth between the treadmill and outside for about a month.  This last week was the first one I ran entirely outside.  I’m running early, but now that school is out I can wait until it’s light.  That gives me more options as far as routes are concerned and I’m enjoying the change.  I’ve run with each of my sons in the last month. They are very kind and stick with me as I plod along, but I like it because what seems like plodding to them is actually pushing it for me.  Besides, I feel safer with them and I’m getting in more early miles on the greenway.

I’ve decided not to do any races, at least for now.  This running streak provides all the motivation I need and I’d rather spend the entry fees on shoes and running clothes.  Around the 300 day mark, I’ll be running in Italy, so that’s a nice thing to look forward to.  I’ve asked for a new fitbit for my birthday in August.  I want one to wear on my wrist that has a number display.  I’ll feel sad about saying goodbye to my One.  It has taken me far, but the clip is battered and I fear I am going to lose it any day.

My weight-loss seems to have plateaued.  I’m pretty satisfied with my progress, but I am also trying to take advantage of the summer season to cook masses of veggies and enjoy lots of fresh fruit.  I’ve been into roasting vegetables lately.  Brussel sprouts are a new favorite and roasted cauliflower is AMAZING.  Our visit to the local farmers’ market is a weekly highlight. I drink lots of water and I’m sleeping well.  It feels so good to feel so good!


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