Senior Prank: 2015

Each spring the senior class at our school pulls a prank.  I try to record these here when I can because I know that all the grads like to see what “those who come behind” have dreamed up.  As in most things, Caldwell is rather unique as far as pranks go.  For one thing, the administration usually knows that something is “going down.”  Also, the students try very hard not to do anything that would do damage to property and we try to keep class disruption to a minimum.  It really ends up being a sort of creative gift from the senior class to the rest of the high school.   It results in a very festive atmosphere.

Usually, desks end up being moved from place to place.  They have been stacked, shrink wrapped, locked all in one classroom, and today:  stored in the bathrooms:


Often, there is a theme.  We’ve had a petting zoo, a wilderness camping experience, a disco, and alarm clocks–lots of alarm clocks.  This year the theme seemed to be childhood and/or just plain fun.  The halls were full of balloons, webs of string and a senior riding around on a tricycle.



There were supposed to be two bubble machines, but someone forgot the batteries.  Each classroom was different.  In my room they used the desks to form a ball pit.


There was a really big blanket fort,


a princess room complete with crowns, wands, and gowns,


a camping room,


table tennis,


sun and fun,




a birthday party room complete with piñatas,


a doll house,


and Lego Land.


Fun times that add to great memories!  Thanks, Seniors!

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