100 Days of Running

One hundred days ago today, just like most Americans, I stuffed, baked, and ate a turkey.  I also read about the Holiday Streak on the Facebook page of Runner’s World and  decided to give it a go.  The challenge was to run every day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, but when the time was up I wanted to keep going.  I’ve been running ever since–daily–at least a mile, though I’m pretty sure there was only one day when I ran the minimum.  I have run about 365 miles–more than three and a half miles a day on average.  I would like to keep it up at least through the end of 2015.  That means a total of 401 days.  I’m a quarter of the way there and I’ve learned some things along the way.

I’ve learned to run on the treadmill without holding on.  I’ve never been able to do this before.  I was always afraid I would lose my balance and fall off.  (I’ve even had dreams about this happening.) Somehow running every day has helped me find my balance.  I can even run and mess with my iPod or drink from my ever-present water bottle.  I feel legit.

I have learned to run with pain.  Though I much prefer to run first thing in the morning, it isn’t always practical.  Running later means running occasionally with food in my stomach.  That can be an issue.  I’m learning–sometimes the hard way.  I’ve also had some back problems and a few strained muscles, and a blister.  I ran anyway.  I survived.

I’ve learned a few things about running in general. I have learned to run shorter distances for a few days after a long run.  If I discipline myself to do this, I have more energy and I can go further and feel better.  Since it has been cold during most of my streak so far, I haven’t had many chances to run outside, but when I do I’ve learned that I need more short-run recovery days.  The pounding on my old knees is greater outside and I feel it.  I’ve learned to vary my speed–matching it with my music.  This makes running on the treadmill more fun and it also makes the time pass faster.

I’ve broken in a new pair of shoes



and worn out my old faithful iPod–


RIP, Slick.

I will probably regret writing this, but I haven’t been really sick.  Running seems to re-set my system.  I’ll be achy for a day or two, have a touch of a sore throat, or a rumbly tummy, but I run through it and feel better fast.

I’ve lost a few more pounds and dropped another pants size.  That’s always nice.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather in this second hundred days.  I plan to do a 5K right around the two hundred day mark.  I’m anxious to get back outside on a regular basis.  I want to do some intervals and work on hills.  I’m looking forward to the lessons this next hundred days has to teach.

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3 Responses to 100 Days of Running

  1. Dorothy Clement says:

    You are an inspiration!


  2. Too much running…. I used to run too, now I prefer to walk and I feel much better.


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