A Tour of Our Tree, Part 9

We didn’t “do Santa” with our kids.  They knew about him, of course, but they didn’t get presents from him or stand in long lines to sit in his lap, though I think that happened with at least one or two of them when they were with someone else. They knew him as the make-believe part of Christmas and we discussed him in the same terms as Cinderella or Peter Pan. It’s not like we outlawed Santa completely.  I think we had a stuffed Santa or two and he was prominent on the Oreo tins we collected for years.  Honestly, I like snowmen better.  The big red jolly guy is not really my cup of tea.  Presently, there is only one Santa on our tree.  He’s an old-fashioned glass one. I think he was a gift from a student.

We made the decision not to try to get our kids to believe in Santa because, for one thing, we didn’t want them to think we would ever lie to them, but more importantly, we wanted Jesus to be the center of our celebration and the obvious reason for the holiday.  One of my favorite ornaments is a simple one made mainly from tongue-depressors by David.  It’s kind of large, so I always try to hang it near the bottom of the tree.  It’s just a lowly manger with a felt-and-cottonball baby (who is smiling!), but I love the fact that this baby has a golden halo made from cording to remind us that God Himself came down at Christmas time.  Glory to the Newborn King!


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