A Tour of Our Tree, Part 7

According to the latest information available, we have nine grandchildren.  One of these, Alden, is in his second year of pre-school.  This would be a significant piece of evidence about our age, except that this morning I witnessed some pretty hard evidence that our oldest grandchild is now on Instagram.  I felt my wrinkles deepen as I scrolled through my feed.

I am always reminded of our pre-school and kindergarten days when I decorate the Christmas tree because the school that Katie and David went to in Texas always gave them personalized and dated ornaments.  Pre-school was an impossible financial stretch for us, but the area of town where the church and parsonage was located was not a good one.  If the kids were going to get into the magnet school that was basically a private-public school, they needed all the help they could get.  Some wonderful friends from North Carolina, another set of grandparents the Lord blessed our children with, volunteered to pay for pre-school if I could find a good one.  I found  School for Little Children at the First United Methodist Church.  One of our church members taught kindergarten there.  SFLC was a wonderful place for Katie and David to get a start on their academic career and they both tested into the magnet school without a problem.  We were, and still are, grateful.


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