Into the Dark

I have almost survived the first week of school post-daylight savings time–barely.  Even more remarkable is the fact that my students, husband, family and friends have managed to survive the week. I am cranky and out of sorts.  I can’t seem to find my footing.  My brain is fuzzy and slow.  My creativity is nil.

I dislike the dark.  I realize that it is lighter now in the mornings, and I know some people like it.  Personally, I don’t.  It’s still dark when I get out of bed at five, dark when I get on the treadmill, and dark the whole time I am running.  It’s light by the time I get out of the shower, so I can watch the neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks while I eat my breakfast, but the sun is fully up by the time I drive to school which means that I miss the sunrise.  I really enjoy the sunrise.  Sunrise starts my day off right.

Worse, most days it’s beginning to get dark by the time I get home.  Today was better, but I realized after I got here that I had left my phone on my desk at school.  I changed my clothes and then drove back to school to retrieve it.  It’s only seven minutes to school.  Still, by the time I got back home and got ready to take the dogs out the sky was rapidly darkening.  I walked the greyhound on his usual route but when I went out with Margie the street lights were on and it was spitting rain.  I hate the feeling that I am racing the darkness.  I always lose.

Then, it feels so late by the time dinner is over that I have trouble making myself do anything.  A little laundry, an email or two, one Sudoku puzzle, and I’m ready to lay my clothes out for the next day and go to bed.  Then I look at the clock and realize that it’s only 7:30.  ARG!

Another week or two and my body and attitude will adjust.  I’ll get into a rhythm and maybe even feel human again.  My energy, enthusiasm and creativity will return. But not yet.  For now, I’m going to publish this and go to bed because it’s almost 9 o’clock and I can’t hold my eyes open any longer.  Night, night!

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