Fitbit Update: August

It’s a good thing I’ve been practicing intervals, because August began at a walking pace, became a jog, and ended with a sprint to the finish.  I was able to keep up an average of eight miles per day on my fitbit until the 23rd of the month, but after that things got too hectic.  Travel, school work, meetings, weddings, cleaning and just plain life caught up with me and I had to learn to be content with running four mornings a week and walking when I could in-between.  Summer is officially over.

One year ago on August 22, I received my fitbit, took it out of the box, figured out how to sync it with my iPad, and changed my life.  Since then I have taken 4,259,076 steps.  That’s 2,234 miles.  I’ve climbed 7,235 flights of stairs and lost 50 pounds.  It’s hard to explain how different I feel, or how thankful.

My side healed up nicely this month.  I did most of my running outside and readjusted to early morning workouts.  I have been slowly bringing my 5K time down.  I’m under 39 minutes and taking aim at 38.  My goal is to run it in 35 minutes by the end of the school year.  I alternate intervals with distance and endurance training.  I’m back inside on the treadmill a good bit now because the humidity has gone through the roof and the pollen count is rising, but I’m going to try to run outside at least twice a week until the first frost.  I’m learning to save something for the end of the workout and finding that I can actually speed up at the end.  It’s an amazing feeling!

My current “injury” issue is my right shin/calf.  I have a sore muscle on the inside of the lower leg.  Some days it hurts more in the back and other times the pain moves to the front.  Alternating running and walking days seems to help it.  I’m hoping it won’t give me too much trouble in Italy, but ibuprofen works so far when it gets annoying.  I’ve come to the conclusion that beginning running at my age means that something will always hurt.  I’m okay with that.

I got a new gadget.



My TOMTOM GPS running watch was a birthday present from my wonderful husband.  I’m still learning to use it, but I’ve already learned a lot about my heart rate and pacing, and I’ve been able to be a lot more accurate with my distances than I can with the Fitbit alone. This was a little discouraging at first since I found out I had not been running as far as I thought.  The maps it generates of my running routes are fun, too.  They show me the spot on my route where each mile was reached.  Cool!

My goals for September are to enjoy myself in Italy by: 1) climbing the dome in Florence which I have never done 2) surviving an early morning run with a young colleague and  some of the kids 3)  biking in Lucca  4) doing more of everything and feeling better while doing it because I have more energy since I’m in better shape.  After I get home I want to continue to work on my 5k time.  Maybe I can break 38 minutes by the end of the month. I want to average 6 fitbit miles a day for the month and build more core training into my routine.

My longterm goal is to participate in a ladies-only sprint triathlon next August.  One of my humanities colleagues did it this year and a bunch of us are thinking about doing it with her next time.  I LOVE to swim, so the only problem there is finding a place to train.  I’ll probably join the Y in the spring.  Biking is more problematic since I don’t have a bike, but I’ll figure it out.  The very idea has my adrenaline pumping.  Ciao!

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1 Response to Fitbit Update: August

  1. Esther Johnston says:

    I’m happy for you but I got tired just reading it. Wow! You’re amazing


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