Fitbit Update 2

As I said in my very first Fitbit post, when I first received my device I was completely mesmerized by the numbers.  The little digital display ruled my life.  This could not go on.  I have a life, a family, a job.  I have papers to grade, lessons to plan, books to read, and carpet to vacuum.  The first time I didn’t meet my goal of 10,000 steps in a day I was depressed.  I felt like a failure.  I got over it.

The initial craziness has worn off and the everyday benefits of wearing the Fitbit are becoming clear.  I’ve lost ten pounds.  I feel good and have more energy. I sleep better. I find myself parking further out in parking lots, taking the long way around, and marching in place or pacing while I am waiting for things to happen.  Fitbit has made me more AWARE and it has given me some great memories to file away.

I have learned that it is almost exactly three miles around the perimeter of my neighborhood. I walked around my parent’s neighborhood with my mom and I went on a long afternoon walk along the beach with my granddaughter. I even wore Blythe on my back during a twilight beach walk.  I paced back and forth with her while Opah taught the kids how to skip a rock on the waves.  That was lovely.  I’ve walked around Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly and over the rocks on Little Round Top in Gettysburg. Margie is well enough to walk a bit more and I usually take her on a longer walk in the evenings.  She’s getting very spoiled.  Sometimes I enjoy the quiet while I walk, sometimes I pray, and sometimes I take my iPod.  I’ve walked on the treadmill while watching Sherlock and paced every single aisle at Costco just to get some steps in.  (I confess I also bought some chocolate covered pretzel chips.) Unfortunately, I have trouble reading while walking–motion sickness, I think.

Last night, we bought a Fitbit for my husband.  I’m jealous because his is burgundy, while mine is plain old black.  He’s going to take a few days to see what his normal step count is and then set an appropriate goal from there.  This is what normal, sane, non-obsessive people do.  I’m looking forward to the weather cooling enough for us to take some crisp evening walks together.

This week I got my 250 mile badge.  Next up, 500 miles.  It’ll be while, but I’m looking forward to the journey.


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4 Responses to Fitbit Update 2

  1. You are awesome! Congrats. Do you still work at Caldwell? 🙂


  2. Cathy York says:

    Congratulations! Well done! I work out with Chris North and she discovered doing a ab exercise called mountain climber actually calculates as steps the gadget. She hates this exercise and calls me a Nazi when I suggest it BUT now sees higher numbers. Try it.


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