Haiku Monday VI

When I started this Haiku Monday tradition it seemed like forever until school would be out.  Now I just have two more Mondays until the end of the school year and three more until I’m “free” for the summer.  This was the first Monday in a while that’s been sunny–a welcome change!

School work is getting intense.  Regular classes end a week from tomorrow, so the time to teach new material is short and review has to fit in there somehow.  Today I felt like a recording set on fast forward.  It makes the day fly by, but it makes me a little sad, too, because I love what I’m teaching now in ninth grade and I would like some time to linger over it.  It feels like we spend all year plodding through the Middle Ages and then flash like lightning through the Renaissance.  Now that I think about it, though, that’s kind of perfect.  The Renaissance was a lot like lightning.  Hmmmm…I like that.

Renaissance artists

Perspective, color, and line

Teaching up a storm!

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