March Madness Update

This weekend our beautiful city is hosting the ACC Tournament. The weather has cooperated amazingly.  I am sitting in the livingroom watching the first semi-final game with a balmy breeze blowing through the deck door.  It’s lovely.

Last night I was up until after midnight because my Heels played the last game.  They didn’t even get on the court until 9:40.  Good thing it was Friday!  One of my boys, P.J. Hairston, had a rather freakish accident. That took a little of the shine off our victory over Florida State.  Somehow, he managed to cut his hand between the middle and ring fingers.  There was a lot of blood.  No one knows whether he will be able to play today against Maryland or not, but we’re hoping for the best.

This year things are a bit more complicated than usual.  My husband is from Miami.  The University of Miami’s strength has always been football, but this year they won the ACC regular basketball season and they beat my Heels twice.  This makes things rather awkward around here.  I decided this morning, however, that I should be supportive of my husband’s team.  I got up and dressed myself in orange and green.  Now, I’m sitting here cheering for Miami.  Sometimes it is necessary to stretch a little, to bend, to compromise….Besides, they’re playing NC State. Go Canes!

canes time

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