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But God

I love my church and I recognize this as a fairly major miracle for which I am very grateful.  My church is quite large.  I never imagined myself being a part of, or even regularly attending, a church this size. … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games from a Christian Perspective

It makes me sad when, in the process of discussing the merits of an activity, a movie, a book, a song, etc. from a Christian perspective, the question asked is, “What’s wrong with ____?” It always seems to me that … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Perspective on The Hunger Games

It was probably four or five years ago that I began to hear it from the lips of my female students: first came a deep, deep sigh and then the words, “I’m waiting for my Edward.”  This was, of course … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Perspective on The Hunger Games

My students have been reading The Hunger Games books in ever-increasing numbers all year, so I had it on my reading list for this summer.  I like to read what my students are reading because it gives us more latitude for … Continue reading

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