Being Like Jesus: Key to Good Communication (Duh!)

I have been attending a communications workshop to begin the school year.  It has been pretty good.  I hope it helps us all because we need it.  Before the seminar we filled out a survey called the DiSC.  This is supposed to help us figure out how we communicate.  I was fairly horrified at my result.  I don’t want to be a “D.”  At first I thought it must be wrong, but then I read the profile and realized that it was pretty accurate.  I’m also fairly high in the “C” category which makes me pretty conflicted–now there’s a surprise!  I have not found anyone else with my exact pattern–again, I’m not surprised.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who were surprised with their report, and several were stunned and/or horrified as I was.  The bottom line, though, is that we should all strive to be all of the different styles depending on the circumstances and situation.  I was thinking last night about how Jesus would score on the DiSC.  I decided that, as a perfect human being, THE prefect human being, He would be complete.  He would be all of the styles and He would know perfectly when to display each trait.  So, if I am going to be Christ-like, I must strive to be “all things to all men.”  Maybe that’s what Paul had in mind in I Corinthians 9. I don’t mean that Paul was thinking of the DiSC survey, but rather that He knew that in order to win people to Christ, we need to be like Christ and Christ was everything a human being CAN be.

So anyway, I was thinking about this last night and then this morning, I read this in my devotions.  It is a quote by Alexander Maclaren and it blew my socks off.  “The man or woman who has in his heart these thoughts–that the definition of virtue is pleasing Christ, that the concrete form of goodness is likeness to him in denying self and obeying God–needs no other goal to fill his life.”  I love it when God sends confirmation for our meditations.

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