Saturday Night Blessings

One of my very most favorite things about Saturday comes at the very end of the day when I get to turn back the covers and slide between the freshly laundered sheets.  It is such a wonderful, comfy feeling!  It’s even better on a day like yesterday when the weather was nice enough, even in the middle of February, to open the window while I was doing laundry and let all that fresh crispness came flooding into every nook and cranny of the room.

I have always loved fresh bedding, but I love it even more now that I have my “wonder sheets.”  My wonder sheets were sent to me by my mother last summer.  They are, no doubt, from QVC. (We tease my mother ever so slightly about her addiction, but we enjoy what she finds there.)  These are the softest, smoothest, most comfortable, best wearing sheets I have ever had. She gave me some others I really like, but those have a little bit of texture and these are completely smooth.  My sheets are milk-chocolate brown.  I’ve never had dark sheets before, but I really love them.  They also came with FOUR pillow cases.  In my old age I like lots of pillows and now all the pillows I keep on my bed can match.  This, though not essential, is happy.  I love these sheets so much that I just leave the bed unmade while I launder them rather than switching off week by week.

When we were in Europe I noticed many people hanging their bedding out the window in the morning.  This seemed odd at first.  We would drive through a village in the morning and the houses would have all the windows open, no screens, and many of them had bedding pouring out in colorful cascades down the side of the house.  It seems like the sheets would get dirty from contact with the bricks or siding, and I can’t imagine not having screens, but it would be lovely to have that fresh air smell when you climb into bed every night.  I considered trying it, but I’d have to take out my screens and I think my neighbors might object.  Town home living requires a bit more consideration of neighbors than living on two and a half acres in Reidsville. I do miss hanging sheets on the line to dry.  It is such a great smell.  Yankee candle has a scent that’s close, though, so I settle for that occasionally.

This all seems very frivolous, I know.  But I am working on counting my blessings and having a “gratitude attitude.”  I am really very grateful for these things.  In the years when I was struggling with depression and trying different medications, I often had long stretches when I couldn’t sleep.  Going to bed was not something to look forward to.  I might fall right to sleep only to wake up two hours later to toss and turn and stew.  Other times sleep would completely allude me and I would end up sitting on the front porch in Reidsville listening to the cicadas and crying for hours on end.  When I was going through chemo I had to take so many different pills that I had problems with restless leg syndrome.  Night time brought no rest.

So now, even though my days might be long and even though difficulties and frustrations arise, I know that at the end of the day my smooth chocolate-brown sheets await me and I can rest.  I am thankful…even more so on Saturday nights!

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2 Responses to Saturday Night Blessings

  1. chrissyball says:

    I miss you and love you Mrs. Liebmann!!


  2. This sounds heavenly and homey. And it makes me want to go to Europe.


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